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Psychic, Astrology & Soul Expansion Sessions

oracle card readingsAre you feeling stuck, stagnant or curious about the infinite potential and possibility awaiting you in your life? If it’s a yes or even if it’s a maybe, now is the time to make the investment in yourself with a psychic medium, astrology and oracle card reading.  Why?  Because this is no time to hesitate.  We are here for a short stay and it is our birthright to enjoy this life, even while the world continues to move through deep states of chaos.  You get to magnetize the reality you came here to live.  We are here to be magnificent creators, but we have been limited by constant programming around us.  No more.  We are revolutionizing our experience here and now.  I’m ready and with you.

Lori brings you over 2 decades of experience as a holistic and trauma-informed Healing Artist, Intuitive Medium and Astrology Alchemist.  Her enthusiasm for your potential is palpable, while her ability to hear, see and feel messages from your higher self and guides is uncanny.  Astrology is her innate language as the stars are her remembered place of origin (she’s proudly bred in the stars and born in the matrix).  In her readings, she taps into the dominant energy of your chart that wants to be known at this time in your unfolding journey.  It’s a beautiful way to get to know more of your cosmology and planetary imprint that is being amplified by our divine guidance and source energy.  The Oracle has also spoken to her in deep ways and it brings a beautiful layer of validation and confirmation that our culture deeply needs for greater states of personal and collective healing.  She brings her experience holistic experience as an Astrology Seeker, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Ritual Facilitator, and Psychic Medium for ultimate transformation of deep cultural programming and conditioning to rediscover your life force energy and majesty for a life of your birthright to joy and ease in this wild human journey.

Testimonial Intuitive Channel Oracle Readings Lori ReisingMy Soul Mission light note to you…

“I help people get unstuck in their lives by instantly and powerfully dismantling the limitation mindsets and belief systems that have been resurrected by a lineage, culture and wounding that keeps us disconnected and unwell.  I am here as your biggest cheerleader into your full light and vibrancy.  I am your pep team that breaks the shackles that have kept your light dimmed.  I am the conduit to a cosmic support team and guidance that wants you to accelerate in quantum leaps in spiral directions from all possibilities with messages in your highest good.  You will leave our time together with profound epiphanies and enlightenments that will propel you in your soul growth and on the path that you were meant to thrive in.  This is not only an investment in your alignment, it is an investment in every area of your life experience from this moment forward!”

In love and care,

psychic intuitive readings

Bred in the stars, born in the matrix, Lori holds deep remembrance of our celestial origins and as a trauma-informed healer of lifetimes, she guides us back to our innate truth and majesty through cellular transformation, recoding and activation.
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  •  Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Are you intrigued by Astrology and would like to learn more about your natal chart and cosmic imprint?
  • Are you ready to take charge of your spiritual alignment to manifest and create the energy and life that flows in accordance with Source Energy?
  • Do you have a nagging voice tapping on your soul that there is more for you, but feel unsure about how to manifest it?
  • Do you feel held down by belief systems or judgements that never really came from you?
  • Do you feel like you keep yourself small to create comfort for those around you?
  • Are you ready to get to the root of the lower vibrational loops you’ve been living in?
  • Do you feel like you have always been different or never really fit in?
  • Would you like to hear the wisdom and guidance of the Oracle?
  • Are you curious about ancestral wounds and cellular trauma?
  • Do you have a hard time accessing or maintaining a state of relaxation?
  • Is meditation a foreign language to you?
  • Are you in chronic physical pain?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in the world of medicine?
  • Are you ready to be an active participant in your wholeness, wellness and brightness in this life, no matter how chaotic the world gets around you?

Astrology and Psychic Reading with Lori Reising TestimonialLori is here to support you! Think of her as a matchmaker for Divine life path alignment. With two decades in the health and wellness community, deep spiritual gifts in higher dimensional living, intuitive messages and guidance, embodiment practices, ritual support, hundreds of hours of continuing education and a personal 15 year journey into functional medicine to work with her own genetic condition she has navigated the holistic healthcare journey as well as inner embodiment, healing and guidance.  She’s your biggest cheerleader and will support your journey to remembering all the medical intuitive wisdom, soul alignment and magic within!  She will co-create a new kind of cellular light living with you, our guides and the deep DNA wisdom that has been waiting to shine…

Psychic and Astrology Reading with Lori Reising Testimonial
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$55/30 minutes


$175/90 minutes


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Intuitive Childbirth Consultations

  • Does your upcoming birth produce feelings of excitement or fear?
  • Do you want to be guided into the multi-dimensional journey you are all about to embark upon while navigating a limited system focused on outcomes and not experience?
  • Do you understand the normal physiology of childbirth?
  • Was it impossible to fit a full independent childbirth class in before your upcoming birth?
  • Would you like to feel supported, nurtured and important in this most momentous and crucial transition in your life?
  • Would you like practical tips and tools to work with prior to your birth day?
  • Do you need to vent to an expert in the childbirth educational system?
  • As an expert in physiological childbirth, Lori can support and guide you into a calm and welcoming state preparing for your most celebrated and transformational day!  Just one hour talking with Lori will completely transform your body, mind and soul for your upcoming birth celebration.
  • Look for Lori’s digital course on instinctual childbirth and a return to its roots in 2023!


    $225/3 hours
Speaking Engagements


What People Say

Lori is a kind, empathetic and highly skilled healer. She is well trained and passionate about her mission as a healer and it shows. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her“. Marla G
“The one-on-one ceremony I found myself in with Lori was essential for recognizing the growth I have made recently. She created a meditation on the spot, just for me! This type of connection helped me to see not only how far I’ve come in my soul growth, but also more of the possibilities ahead for me.”  Amy R
“Lori, overall it was the most positive, powerful physical experience of my life, and I completely credit our birthing consultation as a significant partner in the whole day. I can’t thank you enough! The work you do is life-changing and life-giving, you are an instrument of positive change, empowerment & enhancement to this beautiful birth story”
Mary R.