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Speaking Engagements

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For more information about enhancing your retreat with Lori’s Awakening Your Life Force workshop click here.

Holistic Soul Session

  • Do you feel blockages in your physical, mental or spiritual state?
  • Do you have a hard time maintaining a state of relaxation?
  • Is meditation overwhelming for you to begin?
  • Are you in chronic physical pain?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed in the world of medicine?
  • Do you have medical symptoms that have been dismissed by healthcare providers?
  • Have you spent months or years trying to find the right fit for your health and wellness needs without success?
  • Does the amount of information available make you shut down and plan to get to your health eventually?
  • Lori can help you!  Think of her as a matchmaker for wellness needs.  With 2 decades in the health and wellness community, hundreds of hours of continuing education and a personal 15 year journey into functional medicine to work with her own genetic condition she has learned to navigate and break down the basics in where to begin and who to search out.  Let her guide you in a solid and supportive direction with accessible ways to implement healthy changes.

Childbirth Consultations

  • Does your upcoming birth produce feelings of excitement or fear?
  • Do you understand the normal physiology of childbirth?
  • Was it impossible to fit a full independent childbirth class in before your upcoming birth?
  • Would you like to feel supported, nurtured and important in this most momentous and crucial transition in your life?
  • Would you like practical tips and tools to work with prior to your birth day?
  • Do you want an introduction to the full HypnoBirthing® Class series to help you decide if you’d like to enroll in your local instructor’s class?
  • As an expert in physiological childbirth, Lori can support and guide you into a calm and welcoming state preparing for your most celebrated and transformational day!  Just one hour talking with Lori will completely transform your body, mind and soul for your upcoming birth celebration.
  • Look for Lori’s book on childbirth and a return to it’s roots in 2020!


For more information on HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Classes, Pelvic Floor Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork Treatments in Portland, Oregon go to her therapeutic website.

What People Say

“Lori, overall it was the most positive, powerful physical experience of my life, and I completely credit our hypnobirthing preparation as a significant partner in the whole day. I can’t thank you enough! The work you do is life-changing and life-giving, you are an instrument of positive change, empowerment & enhancement to this beautiful birth story”
Mary R.
Lori is a kind, empathetic and highly skilled healer. She is well trained and passionate about her mission as a healer and it shows. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her” Marla G.
Lori is fantastic! We’ve done internal pelvic therapy a number of times, and although it was a new experience for me, she made me feel completely relaxed. She also makes sure to give me exercises to work on at home, and it’s clear that she is invested in my health and improvement” Ali R.