Soul Biz Streamlined LIVE Digital Course

Soul Biz Streamlined New Earth Online Course with Lori Reising


Soul Biz Streamlined is a comprehensive and realistic LIVE digital course for building your soul business with the rhythms of the Universe, the passion of your spirit and the 3D earth reality of how to do ALL the bits with greater ease, technical clarity, confidence and less figuring it all out.



What is a Soul Biz?

Your innate medicine, the thing that you came here to unlock in your unique soul’s path and journey; the skills/knowledge/truth that pulsates through your cells; your definitive knowingness; the transmission that excites your soul and LIGHTS YOU UP.

Why now?

Human evolution is underway.  We have more energetic, planetary and elemental support than we have ever known…when we tap in and embody.  It’s a co-creation always.  No thing will ever interfere on your behalf.  All things will, in fact, support and guide upon your request (and belief, but that’s to come inside the course).

Bottom line…

New Earth is coming.  How fast and deeply it lands is up to us.  Do you want to keep doing business from scarcity, sensationalism and stress?  Do you want to do business from abundance, trust and ease?  We choose.  Each and every one of us.  The more of us that choose the latter, the easier it becomes to feel it, live it and scale from it.

The result

→WE NEED YOUR INNATE MEDICINE and your innate medicine needs you, too.
→We came here to feel ALIVE and activated in every area of our life and not just on the weekends or on vacation.
→We arrived with all the tools to unlock our full potential and light and this is our moment to declare it.


We begin the live course on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 with
5 weekly live modules and 2 bonus activations.


Soul Biz Streamlined will be back in the fall/winter of 2023/2024! 

The first live iteration was a smashing success! Stay TUNED!


7-Day Wake + Activate Challenge Invitation!
67-Day Meditation Challenge Invitation!
BONUS surprise audio practice delivered at the completion of the full 67-day course
BONUS breath work practices
BONUS support talks



Optional Upgrades For Maximum Support

→ Astrology & Akashic Records Business Reading
→ Voxer Coaching for 4-Weeks Post-Core Curriculum Container Experience


♦ This is the LIVE course that will activate your passion, belief, skills, clarity and execution in unleashing your New Earth Soul Biz for good.  No more doubt.  No more guessing. No more time wasted on piecing it all together. No more one foot in and one foot out scarcity “just in case” living. ♦


⇒How would it feel to know that just by participating, receiving and implementing, you will upgrade your experience here and now?⇐


I’m talking about →

Star Codes – Mindset Transformation  – 3D Tech & Systems – Implementation – Dismantling Cultural Conditioning  – Astrology – Visualization – Embodiment – Intuitive Guidance – Nervous System Attunement – Higher Technology – Care-Based Marketing – Heart-Led Offers – Launching Leverage – Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Power – Simplify For Strength – Pelvic Bowl Power – Inspired & Aligned Action – Light Empowerment – Manifestation Embodiment – Entrepreneur Foundations
Channeled Guidance and Live Support

Disrupting Business As Usual



Soul Biz Streamlined New Earth Online Course with Lori Reising



This live journey is designed to create deep epiphanies, enlightenments, aha’s and change

  • in your mind
  • in your soul business
  • in your energy
  • in your body
  • in your skills
  • in your alignment
  • in your time
  • in your soul’s journey
  • in your truth
  • in your unique purpose
  • in your life!


“What a ride! You are spectacular my friend. I can honestly say you have changed my life. I feel enlightened and I feel my heart again. The tools you offer make all the difference.”
Nancy B.



Ready to declare?? ↓

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This framework and experience is for you if…

💎 You didn’t come here to compare or compete.  You came here to SHINE.

💎 You know that only you can share your expertise, your passion, your soul’s work in the way that YOU do.

💎 You know that when the marketing and business experts tell you to “niche down, speak to your ICA, stick with one offer, push harder, that you can have 10k in 10 days if you just do what they did”, it doesn’t feel good.  There is something off.

💎 You spend so much time creating and sharing on social media to crickets and then the frustration kicks in, then the resentment rears its ugly head and then you are left feeling stuck and hopeless.

💎 You know that when business is sacred, fun and aligned things become easeful and flowing.

💎 You are ready to immerse yourself in a group energy of support, excitement and elevated frequency for success.

💎 You are not ready to make a big $$$ investment in a business course, but you are ready to step in, invest comfortably and do 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 work👏🏼.

💎 When you are not producing, you are fretting.

💎 You cannot seem to get out of the hustle and grind mode or scarcity fear loop when it comes to your heart-led business.

💎 You are tired of piecing every part of your business together from a bunch of different sources.

💎 You find yourself on the edge of burnout or burn it all down often.

💎 You are ready for the New Earth school of personal transformation within the business world for best practices and root results.

💎 You thrive in a live container, while enjoying the access to replays forever.

💎 You are ready to implement holistic and intentional tools to build and grow your audience and essentially your impact.

💎 You know that it doesn’t have to be stressful and you are ready to overhaul that narrative.

💎 You want to understand how to execute every part of your business seamlessly.

💎 You need a reboot, a refresh, a galactic reminder not only that you can create the life and reality you came to live and share, but that you are DOING IT.

💎 You’ve worked with me before and you know that you are about to embark on a big shift by saying YES to this experience and that it might not (won’t) be what you were expecting (because it will be so much more).



Soul Biz Streamlined Online Digital Course with Lori Reising



Why is this course different?

Embodiment. Feel. Accelerate. Rinse. Inspire. Rebirth. Repeat.

From Lori:

This is a convergence of our 3D reality constructs with all of the limitless potential that can be found in our 5D integration.  Look, we’ve been doing it the imbalanced full-on 3D way ever since modernization and westernization established dominance.  It has had us in generations of scarcity cellular imprints that have been on repeat.  This is why these broken systems have garnered so much power.  We are what we absorb…. until we consciously and relentlessly disrupt that unconscious cycle.  And that is now happening in a tidal wave!  And it is deep.  I still catch myself plugging into scarcity and fear during the cosmic and soul fluctuations until I snap myself out of it through my alignment activation. Every time I do and I choose different, it works.

I had to piece it all together for my business and found myself on the edge of burnout often.  I was following so many leading edge mentors and entrepreneurs, but never got the full goods on everything I needed from the start.  I ended up with very little time because of it.  I don’t want that for you.  I want you to be able to invest your time, energy, money and soul to learn the must-have skills for a consistent and growing soul biz, WHILE dropping into the higher consciousness practices for an easeful unfolding and amplification of creative energy.  I want you to obliterate the imprints of unsupportive mindset programming that we never even signed off on in the first place.  I want you to be able to dip your toe in financially while taking a swan dive in holistically.

I walk my talk.  I test my experience until there is a definitive yes and then I create to share.  I have a yes.  I have a confidence.  I have a proven experience and plan because I have lived it.

You will not ever hear me talking about 10k in 10 days without the FULL backstory, which includes all the money invested and all the people helping me.  There is a reason you’ve never heard that from me.  I had no money to invest in the beginning because I had no business team and I had no partner supporting my basic needs.  I had to find the power in my soul biz over and over and over, even when the money was not coming in and the growth was slow.  Spoiler alert!  I still have to.

Come inside the course and find out how I did it, the mindsets I burned down to build my confidence and the practices I normalized to stay in my truth and on the path.


Soul Biz Streamlined Digital Course with Lori Reising testimonial



What it looks like, the deets →

Immediate Access upon registration
BONUS 67-day am/pm meditation invitation begins immediately 
Just push play, seriously, that is how we begin and that is it.  Just give me your yes, create the 30-minutes in the morning, the 30-minutes at night and experience with your open heart, your receptivity and full sensory system.  Trust that this is an intentionally curated part of this course’s holistic upgrade and will contribute to expansion in all areas of your life.

BONUS 7-day Wake + Activate Embodiment Mat Sessions begins immediately
Join me every day for a fresh start every day filled with present moment activation, embodiment and energy expansion.  Even after 7 days, you get all of the replays to come back always!  You can choose the best of the practices and play with them to accelerate your frequency and impact on a daily basis!

Tuesdays (Mars day of action)
Core course live modules begin.
6:00 – 8:00 pm CST (Replay access the following day).

OPTIONAL 4-week Voxer group coaching support UPGRADE
Every Thursday from 12-1 pm CST and 5-6 pm CST beginning the first week after our final course module.
→ Jump in for the entire hour or just for your questions.

OPTIONAL Personal Astrology & Akashic Records Business Reading UPGRADE
→ To be scheduled within 2 months of the last date of the core live modules.

BONUS surprise audio embodiment practice delivered at the completion of the course
On the for real completion on day 67 of the meditation invitation because I am committing to your upgrade through this experience and I am all about building on that!

Replays available forever!



Soul Biz Streamlined New Earth Online Course with Lori Reising




Course (includes bonuses!)
$499 Regular Price → $449 BETA PRICE!

Course + Personal Astrology For Business Reading 
$599 Regular Price → $549 BETA PRICE!

Course + Additional Voxer Coaching for 4 Weeks
$649 Regular Price → $599 BETA PRICE!



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Ok Lori, but what are we going to be DOING?

→→→→→→→Transforming and Accelerating←←←←←←←←←
and having a heck of a lot of fun doing it, which means you’ll ALSO be magnetizing limitless potential, opportunity and possibility for your Soul Biz AND dropping deeper into the guidance system that came here with you to hear those nuggets WITH the confidence to take the aligned action to open the energy of each and every one…all the while learning the exact technology and systems of operation to maximize your time, expand your reach and support the aligned growth of your business.



Soul Biz Streamlined Digital Course with Lori Reising testimonial



This is an integrative, interactive and embodied experience
Guided meditation
Listen/learn/lean in through zoom exchange
Business foundations for growth
Tech systems of operation
Innate medicine growth and confidence
Journaling and reflection
Present moment activation
Divine connection
Alignment practices
Mindset transformation
Frequency upgrades
Magnetization practice
Customer journey framework
Soul and business growth
Astrological support
Nervous system regulation
Creating joy in “work”


Join this experience NOW ↓

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Here’s the curriculum for your brain, but notice what happens in your cells…

Module 1

  • Business is holistic 
  • Creative sparks (find and maximize them)
  • Finding alignment
  • Mindset transformation
  • Hot tips and tools
  • Focal points
  • Embodiment vs force
  • Clearing and invitations
  • Lori’s BIG business reveal (that could help you immediately)

Module 2
Tech Tech and More Tech

  • Sensationalism marketing
  • Where to put your energy and belief
  • Maximize reach
  • Email marketing
  • Webinar creation
  • Lead magnets
  • Customer journeys
  • Websites
  • Media marketing
  • Equipment

Module 3

  • Optimal practices
  • Lead magnets
  • Call to action
  • Feedback loops
  • ICA
  • Experiential learning
  • Diversifying
  • Sales pages

Module 4
Reality Curated and Absorbed Reality 

  • Compartmentalization
  • Sensationalism, scarcity and lack mentality
  • Calling out mindset and belief system limitations
  • Magic & miracles
  • My biggest mistakes
  • Community
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Big fat failure

Module 5

  • New Earth rebirth
  • Cellular upgrades
  • Magnetization
  • Guidance & trust
  • Astrology for business (natal strengths and transiting opportunities)
  • Break the matrix

🔆 Full downloadable PDF workbook with each module



3 HUGE bonuses coming at you that alone will change your reality just by showing up and pressing play!

67-Day Meditation Invitation
It is “said” that it takes 67 days to transform mindsets and conditioned neural patterns by replacing and reframing the thought streams consistently.

What I can tell you is that anyone who has committed to a meditation invitation with my work has underwent transformations within days that became permanent life accelerations by the end of the challenge.  Many never stop.

7-Day Wake + Activate Invitation
What if by creating deep intentional change at your rebirth every day into consciousness, you access limitless potential.

Bonus embodiment magnetization practice at 67-day full course completion!



Astrology For Business Reading

Ever had an Astrology for Business Reading?  Want to know how to interpret your natal astrological placements?  Want to look at upcoming transits and how they may be supporting or intensifying your business energy?  Want to feel ease in your UNIQUE souls purpose, mission and destiny?  Want to stop seeing the grass as greener on the other side?  Want to dance in the most luscious grass of life that you have ever known??
Grab an Astrology For Business Reading with me to be scheduled within 2 months post-live course for maximum support in getting to the new where you are now going in greater ease, excitement and DECLARATION.

4-Weeks Voxer Coaching Post-Live Course 

Begins Thursday, June 15th, 2023 – Thursday, July 6th, 2023.
Every Thursday from 12-1 pm CST and 5-6 pm CST.
→ Jump in for the entire hour or just for your questions!  Designed for voice memo coaching.  This is where we interact and brainstorm.  We create from new foundations and clarity. Sessions will be recorded and available for replay.  Yours to keep forever.  Get specific in your business or learn from hearing the full coaching sessions!



Soul Biz Streamlined New Earth Online Course with Lori Reising



About Lori

Lori Reising, Star Channel, Medicine Woman, Trauma Transformational GuideLittle did my thought mind know that I’ve been prepping for this throughout my entire adult life, from receiving a BA in Psychology at the University of Iowa to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist after many multidimensional experiences through bodywork to working with visionary John F Barnes for over two decades to studying transpersonal hypnotherapy to becoming a system disrupter in childbirth to learning Astrology through an evolutionary lens to a growing bridge of 3D and 5D as a Star Seed and Light Language Channel, all while being reared in a small town small business family.  Every single one of us are multi-passionate and faceted small business entrepreneurs.  It’s in my blood, my DNA, my cells and my epigenetics.  I’m here to share the raw, the real and the biz-hacks so you waste less time and learn from my mistakes, as well as my successes.  I had no one supporting me and a wing and a prayer and a Midheaven Capricorn placement (if you don’t know what that means, you will find out in the course)!  I also had a knocking on my soul that only continued to get louder until I said yes to the most intense and fulfilling undertaking of this life, which brings us here.  The divine time has come for me to share and bare it all in a flare for your potential, majesty and absolute greatness.  We need more of you and I am here to support you in a powerful container.

To learn more about my experience, my credentials and my story click here.



Reasons to say YES ———>

🌱 This course will get you lasting results quicker.  Why?  It’s holistic.  It’s integrative.  It’s fun.  It’s comprehensive.  It’s realistic in a multidimensional (3D & 5D) way.  It’s fun.  It’s expansive.  It’s embodied.  It’s transformational.  It’s impactful.  It’s live.  It’s FUN.

🌱 When you invest your money, you are more likely to show up for yourself (this can be tied to scarcity mindsets), but we are going to be reframing that into investing in your soul care and full light shine.  You will bring your energy, enthusiasm, time, commitment and desire for results.

🌱 I’ve done it.  I’m doing it.  Experience is one of our greatest teachers and I’m excited to share mine with you in full transparency, authenticity and vulnerability.

🌱 I’ve put it all together for you.  This will give you a solid foundation to build from.  You will have the skills to execute and deliver everything you need to grow in sustainable ways without the burnout from searching it all out from a bunch of separate sources.

🌱 This is an intentionally curated multidimensional experience with our guides very much invited and activated in every container.  We are incorporating higher consciousness, experiential learning and lesson “plans”.

🌱 This is how we create a New Earth Business Boom and change the dominant narrative for greater success in being well, whole, rested and aligned with what we share in the world.

🌱 Making a declaration in one way invites a declaration in other ways.  Say yes, show up, get inquisitive, do the work and play in a frequency that magnetizes limitless possibilities in where you can go.

🌱 We are magic.  We just got out of practice.  This is where we reawaken and remember the superpower activation when we sync up with the rhythms of our nature rather than “try” to overpower them leading to dis-ease and imbalance.



We are not one-size forced all and it’s time to do business by getting in full, unwavering alignment with our higher consciousness AND the Universal Life Force Energy that is always GUIDING us to greater ease and magnetization from our unique cosmology, skill set, strengths and light.
Are you ready to tap in, tune in and turn it ON?



So let’s get to it!


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