3 Days ✦ 3 Activations ✦ 3 Opportunities



Many people spend their whole lives in an internal struggle.
You don’t have to be one of them!

The Path Masterclass (2)

Nov 15th, 16th, 17th | 12:00 pm -1:00 pm Cst


Your cells have spoken, your body consciousness knows there is something here and
you have not only paid attention, you have taken action onto a

New Path

Unlock the incredible potential within you with this transformative approach to living life!

Your journey begins by harnessing the innate navigation system that resides within your beautiful, raw, and dynamic body. 

Discover the key to achieving unparalleled ease in your personal evolution. 

Every time you follow your intuitive instincts, you’re not just making a decision – you’re strengthening your inner “muscle” and learning to distinguish between the guidance you truly need and the self-imposed limitations that may be holding you back. 

By consistently channeling your intention, belief, and energy in fresh and innovative ways, you’re not only creating value in your life, but you’re also making time for what truly matters to you. This is your opportunity to prioritize your most cherished desires and aspirations. 

Embark on a journey of endless possibilities that speaks to your soul. Break free from the grip of overwhelm and open yourself to a world of magic and miracles that should be an integral part of your life experience. 

This is your chance to shape the extraordinary life you've always dreamed of.

Welcome to the most profound and expansive FREE masterclass I have offered YET! 

I have been curating and refining the whole-istic approach to root transformation over lifetimes and it is time to take it to our next level.

Get ready to liberate your life in just 3 days, 3 activations and 3 opportunities with me.  

You will walk away from this experience with a reclamation of trust in yourself, in others, and yes, in this world.

We are the only ones that can create deep change personally and collectively. 

The systems and culture that landed us here will never be the thing to dig us out.

It is up to us.

Join me in this exclusive 3-day masterclass, where I'll unveil the essential secrets to help you discover your path to a fulfilling life, even in these tumultuous times.

While the world may seem to crumble around us, together we can empower ourselves to rebuild from within, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.


Let's do it together with invaluable support and an ease you've yet to discover.

A life of liberation awaits!



The Mind



The Body



The Energetics


The single most effective method to accelerate the process of transformation is by igniting a massive wave of consciousness (r)evolution. 

As we come together and commit to this vital work, our collective energy ripples through the fabric of reality, piquing the curiosity of others. Imagine the wonder and amazement as people witness your consistent radiance of love, even in a world seemingly gripped by despair.  Join the movement and be part of this powerful wave of change today.

The possibility is not just real; it's within your reach!

If attending live isn’t feasible for you, fret not!

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Your access to valuable content is as flexible as your schedule, ensuring you never miss out on the epic transformational conversations and activations that are going down in this event

What my clients are saying...

My mentor, as well as my guide and friend Lori Reising, is hosting an “Epic-don’t wanna miss this-event” for FREE. 

If you are like me and on ” the journey” seeking the abundance, healing, the truth, the wisdom to become your best self and evolve to higher consciousness; 


Lisa T.

Thank you for the heart healing event. 

So much grief and happiness and humanity. I can’t say what happened exactly but I felt a lot. 

That was amazing! 


I feel so expansive from this event Lori.

My body is buzzing with this powerful harmony! Your nervous system is very balanced so it helps to entrain us to our humanity.


If I already think everything I experience with you is epic Lori… then daannnng I’m EXCITED for this Masterclass!!!

Congrats, I can’t wait!!!!

Lacey B.

Imagine the incredible sensation of belonging to a community of profoundly awakened, fully conscious individuals. Picture the profound joy of radiating this consciousness out to the world just through your way of life, built on trust rather than fear.

Join me, and you'll discover that it can be far more achievable
than society has conditioned us to believe.

A life of boundless freedom and empowerment awaits you on this extraordinary journey. Brace yourself for an epic transformation!

We didn’t come here for this brief human stay to play small or dim our light so I say LET’S GET TO IT!

What my clients are saying...

Thank you for all the work you have done to be able to bring this to us today. 

We are standing on the a shoulders of you and the ancestors before us who guide us through the principles of healing, presence and coherence.


Another completely mind-blowing “Reising” experience! 

Tears, lights, energy, flowing, rocking.


Tears came down and now I’m tingling and floating. I felt the earth in my hands surrounded with so much light.

Thank you so much for this beautiful activation Lori!