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Dear Divine One!


Welcome to a new level of soul-inspired quantum leaps with a
monthly membership  that guides you through the
wild, magical ride into who it is that you came here to be!

When you fully participate in your life, when you create from intention, when you practice what you are manifesting, your life will unfold in divine ways from a place of ease, clarity and joy!
Let’s do it together.
We don’t have time not to.

I’ve built the container and now you get to open the door!
Read on!


“Lori I have had such a wonderful time in your class, I talk about it all the time! I think you should consider putting together some kind of monthly class or membership! Thank you so. much for creating such powerful and authentic containers in the world!”
Julie S.


You have spoken, my cells have listened. 

Welcome to…



exercise embodiment trauma unwinding astrology energies guided meditation alignment monthly membership class




moon wisdom cosmos astrology coven membership communityIT IS TIME TO TAP INTO YOUR FULL INNATE POTENTIAL AND GREATNESS!

Are you itching to disrupt the harmful limitations of cultural, familial and personal programming that have been muting your life force?

Do you feel lonely and isolated because you have little community support or understanding of your enormous light?

Are you ready to release fear of the unknown, the previously persecuted and the depths of our own capacity to feel?

Do you crave the accountability and stability in your life to devote to your joy and alignment?

Do you know that you were sent here to do and share big things, but have no idea how to unlock your code?

Do you tell yourself that you are going to start meditating, engage in more self-care and activate your passions “soon”?

Are you tired of living from the repetitive patterns that you chose to stay safe and be secure?

Are you ready to release trauma, wounding and karma that you have been carrying around for lifetimes?

Do you want to transcend the expectations and judgements that have been created by your community, loved ones or yourself?

Are you ready to invest in your soul, your purpose and your life and stop waiting for the right time, the extra money, the “I will eventually”?

Are you ready to live in purpose, in fluidity, in passion and in reverence for your evolutionary potential?

Do you want to look in the mirror and be wildly in love with who you see? full moon ceremony astrology

Your life will not change without your full participation in it

Invest your time
Invest your money
Invest your energy
Co-create with a benevolent Universe that is ready and waiting

To live in more joy, ease and flow!
To magnetize the vibration of your purpose, your dreams, your potential in this life.


Monthly membership testimonials and transformations


The magic you will receive inside of this intentional monthly container…

  • Personalized guidance
  • Intuitive and Oracle monthly messages
  • Astrology energy overview
  • Ritual practices
  • Light Work Practices
  • Embodiment and Physical Integration
  • Emotional flow
  • Guided meditations
  • Breath work
  • Alignment support
  • BONUS energy portal activations
  • New and Full Moon ceremonies
  • Astral and cosmic connections
  • Sacred supportive circle and group energy
  • Higher Consciousness practices and commitment
  • BONUS Astrology Workshops
  • Disrupt limited and scarcity belief systems and mindsets
  • Personal sovereignty & evolution
  • Laughter
  • Passion
  • Creation energy
  • Play
  • A continual elevation into multi-dimensional living
  • The Wild Heart Ones private Facebook group for exchange, support and resonance
  • A whole lot of fun along the way!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Ready To Jump!


Monthly membership testimonials and transformations


Monthly Community Circle

  • Ongoing support and intentional practice accountability with 2 Live Calls Monthly!
  • Lock in this special launch price for the life of your membership
  • Special bonus energy portal activation events and astrology workshops!
  • Bonus modules include meditations, the Embodied Consciousness Workshop and higher consciousness exchanges
  • Cancel anytime explained in detail in your welcome email
  • Replays always available in your portal



Lori!! Okay I’m just finishing the journal writing for the full moon ceremony and just had to jump on to tell you how powerful this community is you created!! I’m feeling so empowered !!!! Thank you thank you!!  Okay, back to it! Lol

Lacey B


Astrology Energies, Intuitive Messages, Soul Coaching, Embodiment Guidance Video Clip!



  • The Wild Heart Ones Membership
    New Moon Virtual Circle at 9:30 am PST/12:30 pm EST
    Full Moon Virtual Circle at 9:30 am PST/12:30 pm EST
    •Bonus meditations & monthly workshops
    →Times subject to change
    →All calls recorded and uploaded the same day for replay with full library available always
    →Start your 2-week FREE trial today

    $35 $25/monthly (launch price!)



Moon Ceremonies Video Clip!



You Had Me At Quantum Leaps!



We are moving into big energies of Inspired Action
The New Earth school is built from inspiration,, encouragement, collective care and love!
Your cells are calling to you

You get to be the creator of your life
Your body is the conduit to your majesty and greatness
Your intuition is your all-knowing internal navigation system

I’m here to guide you into your creation energy, your expansive self, your adaptability, your possibilities and your flow through intentional practice, embodiment, higher consciousness activation, shadow exploration and transformation, sacred collective space, tuning into your higher dimensional knowingness and your trust.

You are the number one ingredient into your robust experience in this human ride.
When you live from deep alignment and balance, every part of life responds

We get to change.  We are made to change.
We are here to change.


“There have been so many little nuggets that have been so incredibly helpful for me, especially your meditation guidance when I need to shift the energy for the day or when I’m in that tough space where life can feel a bit hopeless. Your guidance always brings me back into my power and alignment immediately.”

Jamie C.


About your guide…

Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT

meditation guide astral travel chakra healing trauma informed intuitive guide

I bring you over 2 decades of experience as a Trauma-Informed and Intuitive Medium Healing Artist, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Astrology Enthusiast, Soul Expansion Guide, Podcast Host and Mystical Soul Seeker of lifetimes. Most importantly, I believe deeply in your innate potential, wisdom and abilities, I believe in your Spirit self and in your birthright of joy and ease in this human life.   Studying under the renowned visionary John F. Barnes and Myofascial Release, I have experienced, witnessed and facilitated quantum levels of healing in energy, body, mind and spirit.   One of my greatest passions has been working with thousands of people to unleash their life force and deepen their human experience instantly.  Let’s be real, we don’t have time not to!
As a Ritual Facilitator and Meditation Guide, I will support your new practice into your full potential and majesty.  As a Cheerleader for the innate divinity in every single one of us, I will assist you in destroying the limitation and scarcity mindsets that have been formed by this fear-based culture so that we can make quantum shifts and leaps in the wisdom and light underneath that is waiting to be unleashed.  As an Embodiment Guide and Energy Keeper I will hold the sacred space of wounding and karma release from a vibration of love, reverence and unwavering knowing in your divine abilities.

“You continue to amaze me with your multi-dimensional layers, your compassion and the teacher/guide that you are and how you bring it in such a beautiful, fun, energetic and empowering way for all of us.  Thank you thank you thank you!”

Cary R.


Intuition Higher Consciousness Pelvic Floor Chakra Healing Meditation Digital Course

To deepen your experience

Receive $50 off the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course when you sign up for The Wild Heart Ones Membership Circle!

Your quantum healing  journey in the course will set you up for the ultimate support in our membership circle.

The Wild Heart Ones Circle has been born out of the immense expansion energy created in the digital course from participants who want to continue the evolutionary journey, soul accountability and collective consciousness elevation in their lives.  

The Awaken Your Life Force Course is not a pre-requisite for the magical monthly membership, but an incentive to invest in the deep ascension and alignment that is not only possible, it is absolutely probable with your intentional participation from a curious and available heart throughout the course experience.

Explore this quantum leaping and evolutionary course Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course


Lori brings so much wisdom and love. It’s easy to feel her dedication to providing an honest and real experience for everyone involved. Her teaching style is easy to vibe with as she mixes up all the modalities she offers!

Rachel V.


Sacred Community

When we gather together in support, care, love, reverence, Spirit, possibility, vibration, energy, intention and ritual

We feel, We heal, We create,
We teach, We learn,

We grow, We evolve, We ascend

We change worlds

The Butterfly Effect butterfly effect chaos theory collective consciousness

We are all connected to a bigger system of consciousness.

Our action now, today, would have been the result of a previous action and this could in turn, lead to a future action.

What will you set in motion today?
Will you feel the possibilities in every moment, every interaction, every energy?




Here For It! Jumping In NOW!



Do you have questions?
I’d love to answer them for you below!

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