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Intuition Higher Consciousness Pelvic Floor Chakra Healing Meditation Digital Course

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A bit on the elevation you are about to embark on…

A 6-module immersive experience where you reawaken your creation energy, your innate wisdom, your healing potential and your power to awaken your life force and live in this human experience from a place of joy and evolution

This course is for you if you are ready to be an active participant in the transformation and elevation of your experience here and now.  You will learn the skills in this course to live in the New Earth currency of innate wisdom, health, higher states of energy and frequency and how to transcend the fear and control narrative of the 3D Matrix.



Let me ask you this…


Are you ready to draw from a balanced, grounded and centered well every single day, no matter how deep the chaos gets around you?

Are you ready to reawaken your connection to your ancestors, guides, angels and the divine?

Are you ready to unlock and release emotional, karmic and physical trauma from your DNA and cells?

Are you ready to embody your root and sacral chakras, connect to your innate nature and unleash your ancient wisdom codes through your pelvic bowl?

Are you ready to tap into the creation energy and ancient knowledge your cells hold the master key to?



If this feels SO GOOD to you.

If this SPEAKS to your cells.

If you want to hear MORE.

If your answer is a resounding YES…

than you are READY to


Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course with Lori Reising


✔️ You get forever access to the replays!

✔️ The bonuses are already racking up!

✔️ This is the access point to the human evolution that is underway



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I am absolutely certain anyone who goes with her will leave with such a powerful gift.
Gina S.



I’m all in! Take me to the
login and checkout page!



I’m so excited to be here, Lori!

I had such a profound experience during your demonstration of unwinding on my solar return that I knew I just couldn’t possibly turn down the opportunity to work with you again so soon after our in person experience. I can’t stop telling my friends and family what an amazing teacher and guide you are, so why the heck did I have any resistance AT ALL to tapping into even more of your wisdom? Who knows?

But I’ve said yes to the soul call and feel very grateful that I did. Alignment wins. 💕
Mary D.







“YOU are magnificent!  I’ve been following your page and the wisdom, love and strength you share are AHHHHHHMAING!  Mahalos (thanks + gratitude) for sharing your Light – you shine bright and I’m oh so grateful for you and your groovy self!”
Cassie M.



💎 Does it feel like some relationships in your life need to evolve, but you cannot find the clear action to create that shift?

💎 Have you been living in chronic pain, but cannot find the support or answers to create a change?

💎 Do you find yourself in a job that decreases your vitality day after day, but stay in it for the benefits, the pension, all the supposed to’s?

💎 Do you crave a healthier life and experience, but have a hard time accessing the motivation or courage to create those changes?

💎 Are you feeling the call to move, to explore, to experience the world in new locations and ways, but don’t know how to manifest the change?

💎 Do you meditate, but get frustrated because you still live in daily stress?

💎 Do you grieve your loved ones that have transitioned and wish you could transform the sadness?

💎 Do you feel like mystical experiences are out of your reach and only made for other people?

💎 Do you tend to react from habit instead of respond with intention?

💎 Are you ready to magnetize high frequency health, foundations, relationships, community, jobs, geography and money streams?




Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course Testimonial



I know this place.  I have been there.  I have had thousands of clients who have been there, too.  I have witnessed people shift in a minute, an hour, a day.  When you feel the vitality of a life force that has been muted and suppressed throughout your life, your light turns on, you fully understand the sovereignty of your being, your clarity comes online, your priorities shift, you are now able and enthusiastic about making great change without guilt, remorse or shame.
You rise like the Phoenix that you are!


“I have met Lori Reising personally…and she is incredibly intuitive, insightful, compassionate and she TRULY looks into the heart and speaks about what is REAL and NOW”

Moriah R.




Module 1 – Intuition, Trust & Empowerment
Intention Setting Ceremony with Cacao Plant Medicine
Tools to Deepen Intuition & Trust
Accessing Consciousness
Meditation Guidance & Breath Work

Magic & Manifestation Talks

We begin with a powerful ceremony, ritual and intention setting practice.  We will learn tools to access your innate wisdom codes and knowledge so you can begin a consistent, supported practice of connecting with higher consciousness realms, ancestors, intelligent life, support systems and mindset shifts for magnetizing new realities and timelines in quantum shifts that expand your human experience here and now.  By moving beyond the conscious mind, we open up potentials to release traumas and layers of programming with ease and joy.  We begin to take the brakes off.

Module 2 – Coming From Balance & Love
Dynamic Motion Embodiment
High Energy Class
At-home habits to embrace
Education for long-term structural health
Mirror Work Workshop

So you can fall in love with the gorgeous majestic being that you are, body, mind, energy, soul and you can begin to work with your full self in spiral dimensions while releasing linear patterns.

Module 3 – Going Quantum
Deepening Your Intuitive Abilities
Cellular Embodiment & Healing
Connecting with our ancestral and support

Explore the art of body unwinding

So you can take the brakes off.  You will begin to feel the power of living in your Source energy as you release limiting mind control narratives from external and culture programming.  You will learn to unwind cellular traumas and experience your life force in unprecedented and quantum shifts.

Module 4 – Activate Your Life Force
Pelvic Floor Awakening!
Pelvic Bowl & Life Force Guided Meditation

Self Care Tools & Techniques
Education & Empowerment

So you can free up all of your powerful creation energy and vitality and connect with your deep personal truth and wisdom without pressure or disruption from outside energies, generational patterns and traumas.  You will have embarked on a level of intimacy and depth within yourself that will create seemingly sudden yet profound and certain shifts in every part of your life.  You get to fully inhabit your utter brilliance as you unleash a life force that has been suppressed and muted over time.

Module 5- Deep Integration & Implementation
Preparation for Astral Projection
Integration and Q & A Exchange

So you can enjoy the quantum transformation and alchemize the 5-week immersion of reconnecting with the Divine Source energy within our existence and of living in a wildly awakened life force that is transcending the archaic, external and repressive programming, patterns and dangerous narratives that have invaded our spirit and impeded our unlimited potential for far too long.

Module 6- Going Quantum…Together!
Activating our 13th Chakra
Candle Manifestation
Closing Ceremony

So you can enjoy the fruits of your soul exploration and higher consciousness practices over the past 5 modules by taking yourself to the cosmos through a deep flow state in trust and connection through your creation energy!  We are solidifying our chakra pillar of light and our ability to bring our higher consciousness into our physical bodies.  We are marking a powerful end to the course modules with a rebirth and beginning into all that is possible and available.


“Lori is an intuitive healer with a strength in asking hard, thought-provoking questions that can make you dig deep into your should and come out a better human.  Also, she strongly believes in laughter as medicine and her laughter is seriously contagious!”
Sarah Chrystal, Improve Through Food


You have forever access to all videos and replays

There are nine, count ’em, nine bonuses (so far)!
Including my highly praised and powerful digital download tracks…

The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation  

Cosmic Consciousness Meditation


Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance

as well as the Earth Grounding Breath Meditation, Breath of Fire Meditation, Sound Bowl Meditation, Healing Light Bubble Manifestation Chat and more!

Annnnnd… by jumping in now, you not only get the everything that is already inside the course, you get every single bonus that comes for all of time from this point onward (along with forever access to all replays)!

You also receive lifetime access to our
Facebook Group ‘Living In Our Life Force’
for community support, sharing, connection and exchange as we move through quantum healing and shifts, as we re-discover our innate healing and power, as we connect with higher guidance and support, as we move through the matrix with a fully awakened and vibrant
Life Force.

💎 You get instant access to all previously recorded modules, meditations and bonuses now 

💎 You will receive a workbook reference guide with each weekly module!

💎 You have the opportunity to join in live support every Scorpio Season (deliberate timing) that will include new and elevated workshop material, practice time and integrations.


YOU GOT ME AT LIFE FORCE. LET’S DO THIS. (Click link to buy and to access your course login)


Awaken Your Life Force digital course testimonial


“Lori is one of the most phenomenal beings I have had the privilege of knowing and working with!”
Angie C.





Lori Reising (BA, CHT, LMT)

meditation guide chakra healer pelvic bowl energy psychic

I bring you over 2 decades of experience as a trauma-informed and intuitive healing artist, pelvic floor therapist, Astrology enthusiast, soul expansion guide, podcast host and mystical soul seeker of lifetimes.  Studying under the renowned visionary John F. Barnes and myofascial release, I have experienced, witnessed and facilitated quantum levels of healing in energy, body, mind and spirit.  I have subsequently worked with thousands of people to unleash their life force and deepen their human experience instantly.  I have seen immediate life changes and shifts in jobs, relationships, soul missions and Divine connection with pure ease, understanding and empowerment. One of my greatest passions has been working with thousands of people to unleash their life force and deepen their human experience instantly.  Let’s be real, we don’t have time not to! As a Ritual Facilitator and Meditation Guide, I will support your new practice into your full potential and majesty.  As a Cheerleader for the innate divinity in every single one of us, I will assist you in destroying the limitation and scarcity mindsets that have been formed by this fear-based culture so that we can make quantum shifts and leaps in the wisdom and light underneath that is waiting to be unleashed.  As an Embodiment Guide and Energy Keeper I will hold the sacred space of wounding and karma release from a vibration of love, reverence and unwavering knowing in your divine abilities.

Learn more about Lori here


“I’ve been seeing Lori for about three years. Each encounter surpasses my expectations.”
Molly S.


The awakening is underway

The energies are inviting you in. I am here to be your guide to the reawakening of spirit, of light, of sovereignty, of Divine connection and of your birthright Life Force.

We are talking intention setting, ceremony, sacred empowerment, dynamic embodiment, cellular release and activation, humor, body unwinding, which is the most natural high you could ever experience and deepest movement into your receiving, nurturing, manifesting and source energy, pelvic bowl intention, awareness and actuation, astral guidance and connections, guided meditations. 

If you are ready to receive clarity and insights from your innate wisdom, jump in. If you’re ready to get out of the constant yearning for something more in life, jump in. If you’re ready to see possibilities instead of blocks, jump in. If you’ve been curious about pelvic floor therapy, jump in. If you’re ready to discover the power your body has to release blockages and pain, jump in. If you’re ready to connect with your higher self, guides, angels and Source energy, jump in. If you want to create more intentional ritual and spiritual practice in your life, jump in. If you want to make quantum shifts in your healing and innate potential, jump in. If you want to magnetize your dreams to you, jump in. If you’re curious about how vibrant life can be, JUMP IN.

If this is in alignment for where you are at and what you are seeking, the container is open.





“Lori has a passion for helping people.  She consistently is furthering her knowledge with continuing education.  Her knowledge of pathophysiology and the energy of the body makes Lori different.  I consider her an integral part of maintaining ones health.  She is empathetic, compassionate, kind, and very supportive.  I highly recommend you work with Lori!”
Stefanie A.





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