Cosmic Consciousness Meditation

Click below to check out a sample of this evolutionary cosmic consciousness meditation where you will be guided into divine states of presence and cosmic connections.

This 26-minute cosmic consciousness meditation into your multi-dimensional ascension can offer deep connections with astral guides, angels, ancestors and your higher self.  It offers a simple, yet profound point of connection within yourself that has always been there, but may have been repressed from the external chaos and noise that can infiltrate our energy.  When we intentionally make ourselves available, push play and release the mind control, we offer ourselves infinite possibilities within an internal navigation and sensory system that is our conduit for the Divine.  When you become so wildly present with yourself and your embodied consciousness, you are the portal for the incoming communications, messages and connections.  It is not out there.  It is right here.  It is you. 


“It’s like the more I play it, the quicker I start to experience bigger spaces in this guided journey.  I literally cannot wait to listen every single day.  Thank you for such a joyful daily experience along with the most affordable price tag I’ve ever seen!”

Carrie W.