Innate Human Truths

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode called 'Innate Human Truths'.  I am sharing a few inherent truths of what it means to be a human and the potential we have available in this unfolding journey from these touch points.  It is in the full intentional awareness, presence and growth that our creation …

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We Get To Co-Create With The Universe Powerfully Now!

We are entering a time of our great activation, in beliefs, in destiny, in dimensions. We get  to effort less, and live more.  Yes, let me repeat that again.  We get to effort less and live more.  Together.   And a tidal wave is coming…  when we do our work.  Our work meaning what we …

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Co-Creating With The Universe

Podcast Episode Summary Happy Winter Solstice 2021!  This is one for the cosmic books, loves!  Let's chat a bit about how we can co-create to access the acceleration of light that is now on this planet.  With this portal we are moving into the full physical power of our higher consciousness and activation.  We are …

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