Ya But Is Officially Cancelled

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode 'Ya But Is Officially Cancelled' for our consciousness acceleration! Check in with yourself.  How does that feel?  Liberating?  Lovely?  Expansive? Can two little words equaling five letters have an epic effect on how we experience and magnetize our lives?  The answer is yes, yes they can.  …

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We Do Not Know What We Have Not Experienced

Welcome to today's podcast episode called 'We Do Not Know What We Have Not Experienced' where I am sharing deep messages that came through on the Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  I have been initiated into a physical manifestation of what my spirit has always known.  I was gifted the message in my work with …

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Co-Creating With The Universe

Podcast Episode Summary Happy Winter Solstice 2021!  This is one for the cosmic books, loves!  Let's chat a bit about how we can co-create to access the acceleration of light that is now on this planet.  With this portal we are moving into the full physical power of our higher consciousness and activation.  We are …

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